Business North West’s
Reimagining, Reinvigoration, Reinvestment projects for Burnie Tasmania

We are focused on reinvigoration of the City of Burnie through facilitation of community and business projects, to help Burnie revive and thrive.

In early 2020 we were invited by the Burnie City Council to undertake promotions for the City of Burnie to drive retail and visitation to the city. Following a thorough evaluation of the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats with local retail and tourism businesses, we devised a plan to help reimagine, reinvigorate and revive Burnie CBD and beyond. Dubbed, Burnie 2.0, it draws from Burnie’s successes and provides building blocks for making Burnie even better, through innovative thinking, blue sky thinking, and most importantly, budgeted practical actions.

We don’t just talk- we do.

Our role is to connect across a range of government, business, community and not for profit groups to pull together strategic project elements that will deliver. This is an evolving process, that is driven by feedback from community members, retailers, business enterprises and council.

The first phase of the 2.0 projects is to create experiences that will anchor people to Burnie as a place to enjoy and stay overnight. Not just for visitors, but for the local citizens of Burnie and surrounds. The city needs to be a place that encourages community engagement, recreation and activity. Where both visitors and locals want to spend time.

The second phase of the 2.0 projects is to reinvigorate business and retail spaces, creating energy and vibrancy for Burnie locals and visitors. It should be a place that offers opportunities for entrepreneurship and community connections. Check out what’s happening in this space on our renew-burnie page.

The third phase of the 2.0 projects is to create awareness to our local cousins and visitors across the strait about Burnie through interstate and intrastate marketing and promotions.

The fourth phase of the 2.0 projects, is press REPEAT ABOVE to ensure constancy, and ongoing vibrancy to support ongoing community and business wellbeing and economic prosperity. Our mindset is holistic- we believe the city reflects its people and its people reflect the city. Our projects must be good for the citizens of Burnie to be good for the City of Burnie.

Guiding all our work is the Burnie- City of Makers brand, which we believe should be thrown wider to include ALL makers, capturing the diversity of artisanal and industrial skill we have, right here in Burnie.

Our vision is to see Burnie and its people revive and thrive. So we ask, what are YOU making?

Keep up to date with our activities on our Burnie 2.0 Facebook page and get in touch if you want to get involved. Drop in and see us in the Burnie Plaza Arcade shop 9, or send us an email.