Our event schedule

WED6/10/20217:30:00Breakfast Networking Session Grant Dreher – CEO TasTAFEWellers Inn
WED20/10/20217:30:00Breakfast Networking Session Grant Ollington – ZeztWellers Inn
WED20/10/202118:00:00General MeetingBurnie RSL
WED3/11/20217:30:00UPC Renewables                               Dave Pollington  COOUPC updateWellers Inn
WED17/11/20217:30:00Breakfast Networking Session    Rachel Jacka    Guide Falls Farm
WED17/11/202118:00:00General MeetingBurnie RSL
WED1/12/20217:30:00Breakfast Networking Session  Ben  White & Damian Vermey  – TasNetworksMarinus updateWellers Inn
FRI10/12/202117:30:00Christmas SoireeWellers Inn
WED15/12/20217:30:00Breakfast Networking Session    Wellers Inn
WED15/12/202118:00:00General MeetingBurnie RSL

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